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Academic Partners

Karatedo University holds Academic Partnerships with the following Institutions:

ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System Through Monarch Business School Karatedo University is proud to be an institutional member of ACUNS. ACUNS is a global professional association of educational and research institutions, individual scholars, and practitioners active in the work and study of the United Nations, multilateral relations, global governance, and international cooperation. ACUNS promotes teaching on these topics, as well as dialogue and mutual understanding across and between academics, practitioners, civil society and students. http://acuns.org

Monarch Business School Switzerland is a leader in applied education and research in management. In achieving this aim Monarch strives to provide students with the knowledge, skill and learning environment that enables the creation of core competencies for the advancement of their academic and business careers. Monarch Business School Switzerland seeks to merge the rigours of academic training with the practicality of business insight to produce strong business and academic leaders that maintain a sustainable and ethically centered approach to competing in a globalized marketplace. www.umonarch.ch