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The Crest

The Karatedo University Standard Coat of Arms is formed on a shield of white with a broad red center band highlighted with the Gate of Knowledge. The shield includes an open book to signify an institution of higher learning which is the tradition for schools, colleges and universities. The lower section of the shield contains three peaks which signify the three mountains of Okinawa, the birthplace of traditional Karatedo. The shield is topped by three crowns which represent the main faculties of higher learning being: Commerce, Science and the Arts. A second significance is the three practice areas of Karatedo being: Kata, Kumite and Shiai. The three crowns taken together underscore that all academic faculties are interrelated and society and must have a balanced view. Likewise, a balanced understanding of the martial arts must include the applied lessons found in Bunkai Kumite and Shiai together with the theoretical lessons of Kata practice in order to be a living and dynamic art. The crowns are visual representations that Karatedo University has its origin in royal pedigree of Okinawa.