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Dr. Keller holds the position of Professor of Management Studies at Karatedo University. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Northcentral University and a Master in Management Science from Cardinal Stritch University and a Master in History from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Dr. Keller is presently a Professor at Eastern Oregon University, USA. He has taught on a full-time basis at the university since 2012 and previously for 12 years at Cardinal Stritich University in Milwaukee, WI USA. Dr. Keller teaches global business policy and strategic management, management and leadership and organizational behavior at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2002, the ACBSP selected Dr. Keller as the Midwest Region 4 Teacher of the Year. Dr. Keller has written curricula for several universities and serves as a Master thesis director directing the capstone papers of more than 800 students. In 2015, Keller was selected to be included on the Fulbright Specialist Roster.

Dr. Keller he has more than 26 articles published in peer reviewed national and international scholarly and professional publications and has presented at more than 20 juried academic conferences. Dr. Keller is also a member of several Review Boards including: the International Academy of Business and Economics, the Academic Business World and the North American Management Association. Professionally, Dr. Keller provides management training on behalf of the Racine Area Manufactures and Commerce which led to strategic planning and team building assignments with Club Car (Augusta, GA), Kenosha Beef International, United Airlines and Bucyrus International. He has also led the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology of the Medical College of Wisconsin, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Police Department in strategic planning initiatives.

Dr. Keller’s teaching philosophy is best captured by the ancient Japanese philosopher Miyamoto Musashi (1600 – 1640) who stated:

“Learning is the gate, not the house. When you see the gate, don’t think it is the house. You have to go through the gate to get to the house, which is behind it. Since learning is a gate, when you read books don’t think this is the Way. This misconception has made many people remain ignorant of the Way no matter how much they study and how many words they know.”

Academic Positions Held
  • Professor of Management, Karatedo University, Japan
  • Professor of Management Studies, Monarch Business School, Switzerland
  • Professor, College of Business, Eastern Oregon University, USA
  • Tenured Associate Professor, Cardinal Stritch University, Wisconsin, USA
  • Adjunct Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Academic Credentials
  • Doctor of Business Administration, Northcentral University
  • M.Sc. Management, College of Business and Management-Cardinal Stritch University
  • B.A. History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Awards and Honors
  • Outstanding Research Award, The Institute for Business and Finance Research-Global Conference on Business and Finance, January 2016 in Hawaii, USA.
  • Certificate of Merit, Canadian-American Conference for Academic Disciplines, May, 2014 Toronto, Canada.
  • Best Research Paper, 3rd Annual International Conference, Business Strategy and Organizational Behavior, 2013, Singapore.
  • Professor of the Year 2012-13, Monarch Switzerland
  • Outstanding Research Award, The Institute for Business and Finance Research-Global Conference on Business and Finance, May 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Best Paper Award, Academic Business World’s International Conference, 2010 Nashville, USA.
  • Recognized as “Professor of the Year” for the academic year of 2011 by the Academic Council of Monarch Business School
  • Associate Editor, The Monarch Management Review
  • Reviewer, Institute For Business & Finance Research
  • ACBSP Midwest Region 4 Teacher of the Year Award, 2002
  • Member of the Review Board, Academic Business World International Conference 2010, Nashville, TN
  • Session Chair, World Business Conference 2009 – London, England
  • Peer Review Jury Member, International Academy of Business and Economics 2008, Stockholm
  • Admitted into Delta Mu Delta, 2007
Main Academic Interests
  • History of Business
  • Business Ethics / Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Change Management
Professional Positions Held In The Past
  • President, Keller Management Services an international Management Consulting Practice, February 1994 to Present
  • President and Chief Executive Officer, Milwaukee Ballet Company
  • Executive Director University Advancement and Executive Director UWSP Foundation, Inc., University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
  • Executive Director Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Foundation, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
  • Museum Director, Lake County Museum, Wauconda, IL
  • Museum Director, Barrington Historical Society, Barrington, IL
Associations and Memberships
  • Member, ACBSP-Accreditation Council For Business Schools & Programs, USA
  • Member, Delta Mu Delta (International Honor Society in Business Administration)
  • Member of the Review Board of the Academic Business World International Conference 2010, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Member of the Board of Reviewers for the Academic Business World International COnference 2010, Nashville, TN.
Selected and Recent Publications
  • Keller, G.F. (2016). Linkages between ceo compensation, net income and stock prices. Global Journal of Business Research, 10(1). The GJBR is a peer reviewed; double blind publication listed in the American Economic Association’s Econlit, e-JEL, Colciencias and Ulrich’s. This paper also received an Outstanding Research Award, a Best in Session Award from the Institute for Business and Finance Research and was selected for publication in this journal. Acceptance rate 25%. http://www.theibfr.com/ARCHIVE/GJBR-V10N1-2016.pdf
  • Keller, G.F. (2014). Comparing differences between the learning outcomes of adult learners, traditional learners and online learners: A quantitative methodology. Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research. International Journal of Arts and Sciences. The International Journal of Arts and Sciences, 7(3), 311-322. (ISSN 1944-6934) http://universitypublications.net/ijas/index.html. The International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) was founded in 2005 as a double-blind refereed journal.
  • Keller, G.F. (2014). Assessing a faculty member’s role in changing writing outcomes of undergraduate capstone papers: A quantitative study, XI (6), 41-47 (ISSN 2326-3636). The Journal of Strategic and International Studies is the flagship journal of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies™.
  • Keller, G.F. (2013). Examining if there is a relationship between CEO compensation and the stock price and net income of publically traded corporations in the state of Wisconsin, USA, 2(4) GSTF Business Review (GBR) (Print ISSN: 2010-4804, E-periodical: 2251-2888). This paper was selected for the Conference’s Best Research Paper” award.
  • Keller, G. F. (2013). Amenity conflicts between urban port facilities and communities in Australia. Global Journal of Business Research, 7(11), 101-108. This paper received an Outstanding Research Award from the Institute for Business and Finance Research and was selected for publication in this journal. Note: This paper has been listed in the SSRN e-library. http://www.theibfr.com/ARCHIVE/GJBR-V7N1-2013.pdf
  • Keller, G. F. (2012). Defining and describing optimal management practices and their effects on agency performance of not-for-profit organizations in southeast Wisconsin. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 11(2), 31-44. The IJKCCM is a peer reviewed publication listed in Cabell’s, Ulrich’s and ProQuest.
  • Keller, G. F., (2011). Comparing the affects of management practices on organizational performance between for-profit and not-for-profit corporations in southeast Wisconsin. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 12(5), 86-95. ISSN: 1913-8067. http://www.na-businesspress.com/JMPP/keller_abstract.html
  • Keller, G.F. (2011). Comparing the affects of management practices on organizational performance between for-profit and not-for-profit corporations in southeast Wisconsin. Journal of Business and Economics Research, 9(3). The JBER is a juried, academically peer reviewed publication listed in Cabell’s directory (ISSN: 2157-8893) and available at http://journals.cluteonline.com/index.php/JBER/issue/view/443
  • Keller, G.F. (2010). The impact of management practices on the economic performance of family and privately owned firms entering the recession. International Journal of the Academic Business World, 10 (2), 67-77. (ISSN 1942-6089). The paper was selected for “Best Paper Award” from the 2010 Academic Business World International Conference, Nashville, TN. http://jwpress.com/IJABW/Issues/IJABW-Fall2010.pdf#page=44
  • Keller, G. F. (2010, Oct.). Comparing the five factors of production of for profit firms and not for profit organizations in southeast Wisconsin. The Monarch Management Review, UGSM-Monarch Business School, 1(1), 25-36. ISSN 1925-2668. The Monarch Management Review is the peer-reviewed scholarly journal of UGSM-Monarch Business School.
  • Keller, G.F. (2010). Assessing the management practices of not-for-profit corporations in southeast Wisconsin and their effects on organizational performance, Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 10 (5), 92-98. ISSN: 0975-5853. http://www.journalofbusiness.org/index.php/GJMBR/article/view/210/185